Asiaté Shiny White & Black CDR & Platino Vrstvy Tease HD

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Asians Shiny White & Black CDR & Platino Layers Tease HD

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This clip was made for a special fan and what a hot clip it is.I am just in my bra,shiny white Cecilia De Rafael pantyhose and heels and I walk around giving you good look at my long shiny legs and close ups of my crotch and ass.I then cross my legs and dangle my heels as you look up from the floor.Then the sexiness goes off the radar as I slide my black Platino cleancut pantyhose over my white 1’s and it makes me so shiny.You then get to look down on me from above as I rub my layered thighs together and invite you to come inside my thighs as I snap my nylons and let you come real close to my layered cotton panel.Now for the best bit,you get down on the floor and look up at your shiny Asian goddess as she treats you to a extra long upskirt view of me pulling and tugging my platino’s up and down giving you peeks at my white CDR’s underneath.Then I turn around to do the same as you beg for my layered nylon ass to sit down on your face.Then just to make sure I have drained every last bit of cum out of you I treat you to a layered pantyhose foot tease.I wiggle my toes,Zobrazit moje chodidla a opravit mé švy.

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