Carissa je Stinky Ponožky a punčochy po MP4 Cheer praxe

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Carissa 's Stinky Socks and Pantyhose after Cheer Practice mp4

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Carissa se vrací z cheerleadingu praxe. She is tired and grumpy. She has been sweating from all of the hard workand then you show up. Carissa slips off her stinky socks and wants you to smell them. She sticks them in your face and puts her nylon feet in your face. She tells you to smell them and lick them and continues to tell you about all of the hard work she did today in them. During all of this she is showing off her nylon butt and pussy in her pantyhose. She finally picks up her socks and wants you to stuff them in your mouth and suck the sweat out of them.

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