Blackmailing Savannah WMV

Clip Time: 13 Minutes Clip Size: 193/kb
Blackmailing Savannah WMV

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You have compromising photos of your hot and bitchy boss Savannah. What to do? Use them against her when she calls you into her office to discuss your mediocre job performance. Savannah laughs when you ask for a raise but her attitude changes when she those photos that may ruin her career. "How did you know?" She is shocked when you ask her to undress. Savannah tries to buy you off with the offer of a raise but that’s not enough for you. Watch her reluctantly take her suit off, thinking that each piece would be the last and you would be satisfied. Ask her to rub her legs for you, see how she’s starting to get turned on. This is going better than planned. What else will your hot boss do for you in order to keep her dark secrets? Runtime 12:59 640 x 360 Windows Media video

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