Chloe Foster Loves Layering Lingerie – Ipad

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 210/kb
Chloe Foster Loves Layering Lingerie - Ipad

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From afar, it seems like the hot and young Mae Olsen is wearing a single pair of nude pantyhose. Up close, which is where she wants you, she’s actually wearing pantyhose and a pair of nude thigh high stockings, all hugging her scrumptious thighs and calves. She had a feeling you would like her layered lingerie tease, hoping you would notice the difference. You’ll definitely see it when she slowly peels them off her wiggly toes, stretching the nylon as far as she can. She isn’t going to forget about her marvelous boobs. You’ll have a hard time choosing what’s better: her layers of nylon or her bouncy perky tits. How about the XXL dildo she brought with her? Her pussy is pretty tight. We’re not sure if she can fit it all in. It’s not going to stop her from trying.

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