Santa Hose The Naughty Little Boy

Clip Time: 24 Minutes Clip Size: 501/kb
Santa Hose The Naughty Little Boy

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.I sneak in the room to deliver my festive pantyhose only to find this naughty boy is awake and perving at my legs.I am wearing sheer red pantyhose layered with white stockings over and red heels.I tell him he is very naughty and pick him up and put him in my panties.I give him a countdown to cum before I sit on him till he blacks out.Then he wakes up to find me changed into his pantyhose gifts.Amazingly sexy sheer black patterned pantyhose with black stockings and suspenders layered over.Watching me cross my legs and dangling my heels then giving a good look between my legs as I rub myself.Then standing over showing off how long and silky my legs are.Then its time you should be cumming.1 more countdown then that is your lot for today.Until part 2 that is.

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