Shady Lady: A Stocking Film – Part 1 – Quicktime

Clip Time: 14 Minutes Clip Size: 751/kb
Shady Lady: A Stocking Film - Part 1 - Quicktime

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In this mini Tarantino inspired fetish movie, Ludella plays a femme fatale that knocks off a guy for a suitcase of cash, ditches the gun, and lies to her boss about the sucker not coming through with the money. There is a large focus on her stocking legs and feet. A detective with surveillance on her spies her stripping down to her stockings and girdle through her window. To celebrate her new wealth, Ludella rubs creamy white lotion all over her stocking feet and calves. There are lots of squishings sounds. The detective bursts in and forces her to gag herself with her own stockings and handcuffs her, taking the cash for himself. Little does he know who he’s dealing with. Ludella struggles to get free, and eventually wiggles her way out of the cuffs and in her femme fatale way, vows revenge.

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