Web applicants slave training

Clip Time: 29 Minutes Clip Size: 449/kb
Web applicants slave training

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720 x 480 —— Ming is a lucky appliant from webnet. He eagerly hope to practise as queen Hui’s slave and also hope to share the happiness with other friends.Now let’s see from horse riding… Ming must learn more under queen’s slapping. He massages her legs and licks clean her shoes bottom. Later he tries to remove them but scoled by queen. Finally he gets right way to remove with mouth. The web appliant gets more training from queen, Hui. Hui trampling, high heel kicking. Under orders, he removes her high heels and keeps licking her stinky nylon feet. She slaps and humilates him with heel. The goddess keeps trampling him with high heels anf stand fully on his chest. The applicant is under her high heels and removes them with mouth. The goddess keeps crushing him dipping stinky nylon feet onto his mouth. Then humiliate him with stinky heels.

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