Blond Bära Victoria Secrets Strumpbyxor i kostym Mind Control

Clip Tid: 16 Minuter Clip storlek: 123/kb
Blond Wearing Victoria Secrets Pantyhose In Business Suit Mind Control

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This blond subject sent me pictures of herself on line. When I met her in person totally knock dead gorgeous. The Subject is wearing Business Suit and Victoria Secrets Pantyhose. The shoes come off, they dangle. There is a 9 minute Induction, Close Up Of Subjects Face and Legs, Imaginary Helium Balloons Tied To wrist and ankle, helium balloons tied to the heel of the high heel and heel pops off :) Fire Under stiff and rigid arm and hand. Subject slides down into chair. 15 Minuters klipp. Also Subjects Skirt very short. Yes the Pantyhose are available.Clip A Filmed January 18, 2013

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